Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FWP Proposes Free Roaming Wild Bison Herd in Montana

Those crack heads at the FWP office are at it again.  They recently held a couple of meetings to discuss if  whether or not it makes sense to have a wild, free-ranging population somewhere in Montana, and if a population of wild bison can actually exist and be managed like wild deer, elk, or antelope.  Good Gravy!  In what frame of mind would this make sense. 

HEY!  Montana FWP, have you ever heard of Brucelloisis???

Valley County & Phillips County have already taken a stand and have started a petitions to give to the FWP.  The Valley County petition states that, "Montana already has a wild bison population in Yellowstone. A free roaming bison herd will negatively affect private property rights and compete with livestock and existing wildlife for forage and adversely affect rural communities. We the residents of Valley County OPPOSE any evaluation or plan the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department have for a wild free roaming bison population in Valley County."

I wonder if the goal of the FWP is to put the Rancher out of business? 

Please take a moment and fill out this survey about this propsed bison herd.  It really just takes a minute.

Here is a link to story and video of Circle Montana area ranchers comments and opposition to this assinine proposal.   Video Link

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