Thursday, January 30, 2014

Help Wanted.

I am drawing a blank.  I've got nothing.  Paper is blank, computer screen is blank.  I need help!

You may or may not know but lat fall I did a guess post over on the blog Housewives of Rural America.  It was scary, fun and nerve wracking to write and then push that send button.  I am so glad I did, as it was a great experience.  My post titled 12 Confessions of a Mediocre Housewife got a few chuckles and connected with some readers.  That's way I was hoping for but didn't expect.

Now this brings me to why I need help, I am scheduled to write another blog post to be published the end of February.  I am excited and honored that they are allowing me to write for the blog again.  That being said, I am drawing a blank on what to write about.

Shall I blog about my infamous Knephla soup recipe or another recipe?  Shall I blog about sugar beets  or my cows or farming in Montana?  Shall I blog about the craziness of working along your husband with 2 kids in tow?  Shall I blog about some of the hurdles we faced starting to farm and are facing now?  Maybe a craft idea?  Maybe I should blog about the steps I take to make and can my salsa?  OR maybe I should blog about how important it is to have your girlfriends and being able to talk to them and planning a girls night at home?  Shall I blog about and ask others on how they keep farm records, cattle records and book work and what apps and programs are available and they use?  Bull season is upon us, maybe a post on buying bulls.  Throw some of your ideas at me.

I need your help!!

Now I must get going and get corn shoveled to feed replacements and cull cows.  It's cold and snowy out so I have been procrastinating this morning.

In honor of #tbt, I thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures from a few years ago.  We were at dad's house and him and T were on a mission to catch 'her' horse Abe.  Unfortunately we lost Abe to botulism a year or so ago.  Enjoy your Thursday and the pictures

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