Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Gravy!!!  4 months later maybe I finally gots everything fixed, the kinks worked out, and all electronic devices talking to each other!!  But don't hold your breathe!

I miss blogging!  I have a list of ideas and things I want to blog about.  Here's hoping I can really do have things up and working correctly and can do that!

Been busy here this spring.

*Farming.  Planted 4000 acres of our own, plus some custom stuff
*Garden is semi planted
*Playhouse/tack room building is being constructed.
*We know have a bum calf named Charlie
*Someone in our family got a new saddle, and it wasn't me!
*Took a day trip with my girls to the Bucking Horse Sale
*I heart Twitter!
*I also heart Instagram
*I am on a kick of planning my meals/menu week in advance, and am loving it.

Hope to talk to you soon.  I am off to bed, as we have a big day of branding tomorrow!


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