Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 RM Bar Branding

Another year another branding is in the books. All that's left to do is to eat some leftovers and haul the garbage out of the garage and picking up tables and chairs.

This years branding was a success. Things went so smooth and we had more than enough help to get cows worked and calves all branded up. I have to say my calves look a lot better this spring than they did last spring.

I played the sister-in-law card and my wonderful sis-in-law came over and helped me keep my sanity! I left her in charge of my kids and to finish things up in the kitchen for me so I could finish getting branding supplies gathered up and the bovines rounded up. My sister-in-law rocks!

I snapped a few pictures yesterday. I will share more later. Happy Branding!


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