Monday, February 24, 2014

Tis the Season

Tis the season to be buying bulls!  Last week we attended our first sale of the season.  We went, we looked, we liked and we bought!  My checkbook is a lot lighter as we came home with 2 bulls for ourselves and 1 bull for the corporation.

I love bulls sales.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's as simple as bull sale means a trip to town.  Maybe it's because I can remember going with my dad as a young kid and later on in life going with him as a serious looker/buyer.  Could be it's just all the excitement, the cleaned up and cattle and getting to see and visit with people.  Whatever the reason, I just simply enjoy a bull sale.

Last week on twitter, I tweeted asking what EPD's are most influential to you and your operation when choosing new breeding bulls.  It was a quite a conversation and there is no right or wrong answer as each cattle operation is different.  The one big this we talked about is how some people forget to actually take phenotype into consideration.  I feel that is and should be a big part of our selection process.

 On that same particular twitter conversation it was discussed how many cattlemen and women actually understand and comprehend what each EPD stands for and means.  Do they understand their importance or how one may correlate with another?  If I was smart enough I would post a link to the conversation, but that is way over my head!

So how do you use EPD's?  How much influence do they have in your selection process?  What are the top 3 EPD's you look at while browsing a sale catalogue?  Do you take the time to actually look at the bull?

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