Monday, November 5, 2012

Flower Girl

My cousin got married a few weekends ago, on a gorgeous October Saturday.  The day started out cloudy and spitting rain, but the skies cleared and turned into a beautiful day.  My cousin and his bride to be asked T to be their flower girl!  She was so excited!  But who wouldn't be, beautiful princess dress, sparkly new boots and center of attention!

My niece, who's rocking the zebra skirt and zebra boots, was helping out with the guestbook and gifts.  2 beautiful (not so) little girls!

And of course we had the stagecoach out to give the wedding party a ride.  Cuz, ya know, that's how we roll!!

My little (i.e. younger than me) sister was an out rider for the stagecoach.

After the wedding party was dropped at the reception, T and a few of us hitched a ride in the stagecoach.  In other words, we climbed in and (those old enough) enjoyed an adult beverage as they took the stagecoach back across the parking to the horse trailer and then we helped unharness, and load the stagecoach.  And possibly another adult beverage.


  1. Wish we could have made it in for the wedding! I would have definitely helped "unhook the stagecoach" and by that I mean take a few snorts of Rip :)

  2. It was a fun wedding!! Oh yes, 'unhooking the stagecoach' usually is a good time!