Monday, August 22, 2011

This Is How We Have Fun In Montana

A couple of weekends ago it was our county fair, and our saddle club holds the annual Ranch rodeo.  Last year we had our 1st Annual Women's Calf Dressing, and it was such a hit, we had it again.  The object of the three woman team is to take the calf, put the calf's head through the head of the t-shirt, and then put the calf's legs through the arm holes of the t-shirt and be the first team to get him across the finish line.  

We had five teams this year.  I did not participate last year, as I was pregnant and was not planning on this year, as I was busy helping with the rodeo.  But there was a mother/daughter duo that were there visiting from Idaho, that couldn't find a third member, so at the last minute I joined them.  Enjoy the video.  

OH!  And yes, I am the one in the turquoise t-shirt that trips over her own two feet while headed for the line.  But like any good team member that you just meet they just kept pulling the calf over top me while yelling 'We're Not Stopping!'.  It was a blast!

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