Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Missouri River Flooding 2011

The flooding this year is just unbelievable.  To the person who didn't understand the damage the river is causing due to new channels being made, crops being lost and houses floating away, it would be a magnificent sight.  

To me, it's amazing, sad, and devastating.

There should be no water to the right of Tally.  The river cut a new channel through that field.


The river is so wide.

Water is so wide it won't fit in a picture.

There should be no water in those trees!

Or in these trees.

See that water!  Under that water is a lentil field. 

More lentils; gone.

It's hard to tell, but the bank was starting to sluff off.  

More crops under water.

That water channel should not be there.  That channel showed up in a matter of hours. 

Another view of the new channel.  The water was just rushing through that field.

A lot of our crops are gone.  A lot of hay ground is gone.  The river will never be the same.  And no one really knows how long its going to take for the river to recede bank into its banks.  I am guessing when the river does decide to recede, we will be spending a lot of time moving debris and garbage from the fields we will still be able to farm in the future.

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