Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pepsi to Donate to HSUS

I am so fired up over this news, I really have no words at the moment.  I will let you read the article, and after I wrap my head around this statement, I shall post my thoughts/concerns/comments on the subject. 

The article was found on the Northern Ag Network website, and if you go there you can learn more about the Pepsi Fresh Project.  It also contains a link where you can send an email to Pepsi about your thoughts on this. 

Pepsi is set to Give HSUS $250,000

The Humane Society of the U.S. is in the top spot to receive this month’s $250,000 grant from the online Pepsi Refresh Project. And, in line to win a $50,000 grant is a project titled “$50,000 to stop healthy animals from being fed antibiotics.”

The Pepsi Refresh Project in itself is a very honorable endeavor. It began in January of this year. Their goal is to award grants to “innovative and inspiring causes.” Fourteen of the past 17 grants of that $250,000 amount have specifically benefited children and eight of the 17 grants have gone toward medical research.

Here are the details of the Pepsi Refresh Project:

Ideas are submitted by individuals, groups, non-profits and businesses with no more than 25-million dollars in revenue. Winners of the grants are selected by public votes. You can vote online or via text message.

The voting is still open for this month and you can still take part. But should HSUS and the antibiotic project be eligible?

The public vote does have the HSUS in the top spot to receive $250,000 and the top spot for a $50,000 grant seeks to stop the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animals.

In the official application guidelines, it strictly stats that applications cannot to any degree “challenge, lobby for or seek to change current laws, or enact any new laws.”

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has come out saying that they are dismayed that the Humane Society of the United States has been deemed eligible to participate, adding that the HSUS 100-million dollar budget exceeds the 25-million dollar limit imposed by Pepsi.

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